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How many different alternatives are there to an old or big, saggy t-shirt? Answered

Things like turning the t-shirt into a fitted, button-down, or halter etc. I would like to see your suggestions!


Spaceman Spiff

10 years ago

I had a huge t-shirt I made into a survival tent! I think it was FUBU or something like that (fat farm maybe). I have since moved on from the infinite X sized shirts. I now where shirts that fit me.
The options I think are endless, here's a few that I would do:
Make a smaller shirt
Make a years worth of onesies for your baby
Cut them up for patching up that hole in your jeans
Sew your own hacky sack
Use it for capture the flag!!!
Make a Tie out of it
Well those are my suggestions, I hope you find something amazing to do with those saggy shirts.