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How many inputs are possible on an AVR-Stick datalogger (for an arcade controller)? Answered

Hi all. I was ordering some buttons and a stick for a MAME cab I'm building and decided to see if I could use an AVR-stick (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9147?) as a controller interface (my original plan was to hack a Sidewinder). I assumed that as it acts as an HID I could simply assign stick/buttons inputs to keyboard keys and Roberts yer fathers brother, a nice little controller to tuck into the cab!
To be honest though I'm not that familiar with this kind of thing and any kind of help or pointers would be awesome. I have 13 inputs in all for the cab but the AVR-Stick only has 6. What's the score with wiring multiple inputs? Would I just use differing values of resistor to send difference voltages to the AVR-Stick? Am I getting it completely wrong? Am I asking too many stupid questions?
I'm in your capable hands Instructables folk.
Thanks in advance.


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8 years ago

If you need more inputs than go with a bigger AVR. Otherwise you will have to use shift registers and your wiring gets a lot more complicated.


Reply 8 years ago

That's what I thought, thanks for the info. Think I might investigate the shift register idea though but maybe not for this project. I'll stick to the Sidewinder hack for now. I can do that! Cheers.