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How might I go about building something like this? Ideas? Answered

I found this on a website but it's a bit pricey for me. I'd love to make one for my girlfriend but I have no idea where to start. The design seems simple enough but there are parts that puzzle me, like the charging and wiring. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Rei Huggable

From the site:
We have wrote about this glowing pillow a loooong time ago, but now it's finally out of production and in the market and we are so happy to present it to you. What it is? Well for starters it's a soft and fuzzy pillow filled with 'silicone bean bags' that contain high intensity LED lights.

These LED lights in the silicone beads make the entire pillow glow in an extremely calming and soothing way. Powered by 4 AA batteries – or if you prefer to hook it up to the adaptor, that's possible as well – the pillow glows strongly for about 4 hours and then the lights ever so softly fade over the next couple hours.


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13 years ago

If the batteries are dying so quickly in their pillow (especially with so many batteries), then it would be my guess that they are using high-powered LEDs to make it glow so brightly.

To learn about high-power LEDs check out Dan's instructables:

To make a hug-activated pillow, check out Rachel's Instructable:

In short, all you need to do is replace the motor in Rachel's pillow with Dan's high-powered LEDs.


13 years ago

Sounds like a job for QTC. It will switch on when the pillow is hugged.

The circuit is failt simple - batteries, wires, LEDS - just include a chunk of QTC in series so that it gets twisted or squashed when the pillow is hugged.