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How much Ampage (aprox) can you get out of a basic voltage doubler? Answered

What valus caps should I use?
Is bigger better? (regerding the caps)
Can you use electrolitic caps?
Will a full-wave multiplier give more current then a half-wave?

I'm looking at doubling 12V to aprox.24V for a fairly high ampage aplication (>4A)
Can it be done?
(I don't have a 1:2 transformer, and am unable to buy one)

Thanks so much!!!
Every and Any bit of help or advice is greatly apreaciated.
Thanks again,


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Best Answer 11 years ago

You could design a voltage doubler that would put out any voltage and amps you want within reason.  Getting 4 or 5 amps should not be that hard.

Electro. caps would probably be best.  They store the most energy in the smallest space.

Full wave will give more current than half wave.

I have a design that doesn't need any transformers, caps, resistors or any of that stuff.  Just a couple pieces of heavy duty wire.

Take your 12 volt 10 amp. battery hook wires to that. take another 12 volt battery exactly like the first one and connect it in series with the first one.  Hook another piece of wire to the remaining pole of the new battery that has not been connected.

Now across the two wires on the end you have 24 volts and more amps than you asked for.

Here are some links to voltage doublers/multipliers.  But they take some parts.  Most will need a transformer of some kind.  You could wind you own transformer.

There are designs that don't use transformers just cap's and an oscillator.  But any of these designs start with a lot more amps than you end up with.  So to end up with 4 -5 amps out you're going to have to start with alot more going in.


11 years ago

For continuous loading, less than half.


11 years ago

Voltage doublers will give half the current+some losses. What power rating is your original transformer ?