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How much easier is it for a fire to start with pollen in the air? Answered

In a town near where I live, three houses burned down. With pollen season around, it made me wonder.


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Best Answer 11 years ago

Did they all burn down at the same time?
If they didn't they were probably coincidental, or arson. I am a firefighter and ther are many environmental conditions that can increase the chance of a fire occuring, such as temperature, humidity, availability/quantity/type of fuel, ignition source, wind etc. etc.
Dust fires or explosions can occur in dusty factories (flour mills, furniture manufacturers etc.) or in grain silos or anywhere there is some kind of dust. If the dust is spread through the air in just the right concentration and then ignited, boom. Pollen in the air is not concentrated enough to have any affect on fire conditions, and I have not heard of anything like this occuring.
Any other firefighters out there that might add to this?
Hope this helps.