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How not to write complaints Answered

As I see comments complaining over certain aspects of projects often enough, here is why some of these quips are utterly futile in their nature and go unacknowledged by many.

Here's one posted a few days ago:

"It's confusing for people without a technical understanding."

This comment was posted to an instructable with 17 steps and several dozens of photographs. Because there is no indication of what the problem is, this statement is all but meaningless. There is nothing on which to base a response with help tailored to the commenter because he has not explained his plight's origins.

If you are going to make a complaint or ask a question, identify the relevant subject. That will grease the skids for any correspondence that follows. Without it, your bid for a chat is more complex needlessly.



2 years ago

Welcome to the internet!

When someone spends hours making a video on a DIY iPhone charger (here), and gets a comment from someone saying "Get better hair.", that... That's just............. (Ummm, an example?) I know you weren't writing about hate comments, but it isn't very far from that...

If those kinds of comments bother you, don't watch YouTube videos. The comments on YT are 1000 times worse.


Reply 2 years ago

I would answer the questions had and try to resolve the complaints if I knew what they were. The fact that these things are written so vaguely puts them into turf where nothing can be done.

That is the vexing part.


Reply 2 years ago

This video tried to address pretty much that. I'm waiting for someone to comment about the fact that he said he's making this because he wants to have fun...

I think you get the point...


2 years ago

It is not just questions but also comments.
Just reflects how the internet has evolved over the years, although some might say it went only downhill.
For most parts of the net you stay hidden and anonymous, which means for a lot of people they don't really care what they post or why.
If you take some popular questions you can find the exact same wording in 20 or more spots on the WWW indicating it was the same user.
The lucky ones might get some feedback from the user but usually he or she disappears once an answer is found.

It is not the useless stuff being posted that makes the big mess but the fact that in most cases that this mess is not removed in time.
For a coding project I needed some harware info I could not find so I tried Google.
Ended up with over 30 website where a single user made a very similar request.
Somewhere between 30 and 35 I hit paydirt and actually found an answer, the rest was with no replies or totally unlrelated follow up questions by other users.

Just take our Recent Answers section and have a look through the first few pages.
People want help but provide no details at all and are never to be seen again here.
I call those vampire users.
They bring the numbers of registered users quite high but never ever contribute to the site in any form.
Take those numbers away and we might have 20% less users in the database.
Take those without a premium account, no postings and no ibles and we loose another 10-15% LOL