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How should I connect ? Answered

I have a reciver and i want to make an rc car, But the reciver has to weak signal so I decided to use the reciver as a switch wich will connect the motor to the battery,but I dont know how to connect
When the motor is spining forward,and and push the buton backward on the transmitter the poles change and it doesnt work any more
So how I need to connect


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7 years ago

I think your not understanding how the RC works:

1. If the original car had 2 motors then the RC unit slowed one motor or the other to make the car turn. It almost certainly used an H bridge (look it up) to drive the 2 motors.

If it only had 1 motor then there was some kind of steering system in the car driven by the RC unit.

2. Without detailed knowledge of how the RC was originally connected I don't think anyone is going to be able to help you on this one.

3. In general RC cars are a single motor, proportionally controlled and a servo to steer the car.

This is driven via an ESC for the drive motor and normal RC servo for the steering. These give you proportional control of your steering and speed.


Answer 7 years ago

Yes It has one motor and one servo, but were im turning the car it slows down too much so i thougt this idea