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How should I make a webcam as a door camera and use it Answered

I have a TV of aiwa model A1419 from past 25 yrs at home which I have not been using it since past 1-2 years and have not even started it because I bought a plasma TV 2 yrs back but my old TV even works fine till date if cable is plugged in. Now since I have this TV lying around and I also got a Lifecam Show & Lifecam HD 5000 webcams lying around I want to make a better use of it. So I would like to know how can I make them work as a security camera's outside my house door and watch anyone who comes at my door on the TV itself.

The distance between my house door and the TV would be of at least 5-6 meters.


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6 years ago

I think that is a regular USB type webcam that needs to have a computer hooked up to interpret the image taken by the camera. That said, your old TV will probably only accept an antenna or NTSC/PAL composite signal at best(video inputs). Your plasma might have HDMI or an RGB computer input to get the signal from your computer. Otherwise, a real surveillance cam with the proper output would need to be had for direct input into the TVs. Good luck.