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How the circuit will be, when we have solar panel(3w,6v) and dc generator of 6v? Answered

Circuit diagram


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2 years ago

One 1N4001 and one 1N4002 diodes..

The 1N4002 in series with the solar panel feeding current (ie pointing) to the battery..

And the other 1N4001 in series with the single amp 6v generator also feeding current (ie pointing) to the battery..

And all the grounds connected together..

There however are several caveats, one is on the generator current which must never exceed an ampere..

(If the DC generator can deliver more then one ampere you must use a different diode.).

And this message also assumes the battery can accept a charge current of two amperes :-)

Click the pic to see the entire First Image..

Solar .jPGSolar6.GIF