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How the oxygen is available in International Space Station? Answered

Astronauts  can breath oxygen inside the International Space Station.My question is how the oxygen is available in International Space Station.Is they got any method of generating oxygen artificially?



Jack A Lopez

Best Answer 2 years ago

I think the main method, for adding oxygen to the air inside the ISS, is by using machines that produce oxygen by way of the electrolysis of water.

The Wikipedia article for the ISS, specifically the section titled "Life support",

and another article about just the ECLESS (Environmental Control and Life Support System)
these both mention a system called "Elektron", and I'll quote a blurb from the second article about how that works.

Elektron is a Russian Electrolytic Oxygen Generator, which was also used
on Mir. It uses electrolysis to produce oxygen. This process splits
water molecules reclaimed from other uses on board the station into
oxygen and hydrogen via electrolysis. The oxygen is vented into the
cabin and the hydrogen is vented into space.

From just a cursory reading of these articles, I gather that electrolysis of reclaimed water is their main main method for adding oxygen to their air, but not the only method.

They also have some solid chemical sources,
and also bottled oxygen too.

Note that putting oxygen into air, is only part of the problem for keeping the air breathable. There are also gasses which must be removed from the air, like carbon dioxide, CO2, and the article titled "ISS ECLSS", linked above, mentions these other machines and methods for removing CO2 and other gases.

I claim the ECLSS used on nuclear submarines are similar; i.e electrolysis of water used to make O2, plus some sort of chemical CO2 scrubber to pull CO2 out of the air. I can't find a link for that at the moment, but I think I remember hearing this in some old documentary about nuclear submarines.