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How thick is the stock of a thompson submachine gun? Answered

Hello guys,

My question is how thick is the stock? Length I got figured out the only thing I don't know is the  thickness of the stock.

Some sources suggest that it is 35mm, 50mm or 70mm thick.

I seriously have no idea although 70mm seems a little bit to thick.

I need to know it for a presentation but no site seems to carry the information...

So I'm hoping somebody who owns one can give me the information or otherwise someone with other WW2 weapons as it seems that pretty much all the stocks look evenly thick...


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Best Answer 10 years ago

It varies the fore grip at it's thickest might be two inches tapering down to 1.5 at the front. The but stock probably is only 1.5 at it's thickest. I don't have one but I did get to shoot one many years ago so this is all from memory. If you're not going to have a real one at hand I don't think many people could tell the difference. I assume you're making a model.