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How to Apartment Answered

I just moved from Yakima to Spokane, WA:  a drive that should have taken four hours, but took seven and a half.  I am currently tired.

Anywho, because I am fairly new to apartment life (this upcoming apartment will be my second), I have a few questions:

1.  Although I thoroughly cleaned my previous apartment, I am unsure if I will receive my deposit back.  Even though I am in another city, are there any ways to ensure my deposit is returned besides sending a pipe bomb?

2.  My new apartment complex is about five times larger than my last.  Should I be a hermit, or should I introduce myself to my neighbors? 

Any other tips on apartment living are greatly appreciated!



8 years ago

In my experience (all Seattle area), landlords will make up reasons to keep your deposit. Don't be suprised if they use some bogus excuse like "you didn't pull out the fridge and vacuum behind it".

I'd introduce myself gradually, through bumping into people at the mailbox, etc. rather than formal door-knocking. If you want to speed things up, spend more time outside watching the sunset, unicycle practice, testing your new death-ray, polishing your car,etc.

Don't have a sensitive car alarm that goes off 10x a day. Ten years of apartment living gave me (and most apartment dwellers, I suspect) a deep hatred of car alarms. Nobody calls the police when those things scream, they just hope it is really being stolen this time.


8 years ago

Your old lease should spell out the terms of you getting your deposit back. If it doesn't show up in a reasonable time then you need to track it down or ask them to justify what deductions have been made against all or any part of it.

If there was no lease or written agreement, and you did not leave on good terms, you may have to contact the local TV station's consumer advocate to go after the landlord.

If the complex has thin walls, you will get to know your neighbors without ever meeting them. But hey, I'm from NYC, anyone that comes over to introduce themselves is suspicious.


8 years ago

It took quite a while for my forum to get through the filters.

Could be that I used the word "bomb".

Now she's fallen behind. So: