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How to Build "The Extra Investigator" aka "The Ed Box" Device. Will be featured on new Amazon Prime show. Will Pay for Build!! Answered

Hey Im looking for someone that can help me build an older paranormal device called "The Extra Investigator" aka "The Ed Box". I can't find the right build for it ANYWHERE and only have one pic and the device details, this device is not used by "television paranormal investigators" any longer so its impossible to find any for sale or even other pics of this devices other than the one posted below... it has EMF detection, IR detection and detects "physical events', which i don't understand (BS basically) but it basically is an EMF detector that connects to the compass and points to the em field. Also, Im not sure how the IR detection is utilized. I have not seen this device in action, so this is what i'm assuming because of other gadgets with similar applications. I have found ways to build an EMF detector and an IR detector, I also have tons of parts, bread-boards.. everything needed for the build (have the enclosure and compass on the way via mail) but I need guidance in the build or it built for me. I understand that most serious builders don't believe in the applications of these devices but this is for a serious project and want to show this device on an episode of our new show, also they (the builder/helper) would get a shout out on an up-coming Amazon Prime show, along with payment for the labor and any parts i cant supply (paranormal engineering position for our team may open up if things work out. We are searching for a smaller company/engineer). But! ANY help would be appreciated! No need to make jokes and point out what i've obviously stated, if you cant or don't want to help, pls keep your negative comments to yourself. This device is also going to be a teaching tool for kids ages 12-16 who are interested in the paranormal and want to learn the basics. I wanted to show them some devices they wont see on TV. I'm under no illusions that these devices are 100 percent accurate and will not waste time with non-believers. This is a business situation, the build shouldn't matter. Thanks science peers



8 weeks ago

It is a gimmick like the uniform badges in Star Trek.
To make a compass move you need a magnetic field.
And the compass still reacts to the earth magnetic field whenever no external field is strong enough.
Getting anything with a directional relation to a signal from an antenna like this is next to impossible.
Wouldn't surprise me if all they did was to turn manually turn a magnet under the gimmick ;)

Look up how a simple EMF detector works, then how the better ones with an antenna work.
Consider the options in antenna design and shielding to only allow for a very narrow cone able to receive a signal.
Output the signal strength on a LED bar or similar, an analog voltage meter works fine too.
IR detection is well, bogus too...
All you need is an old motion detector and a lens for IR or again a shielding - like used to define the zones on the motion detector.
If something warmer that the previously detected IR field is detected while you move the thing around it will cause the same signal as the motion detector did when you walked past and the lights turned.


Reply 7 weeks ago

Just a couple questions because you’ve given me the best answers haha. With IR detection, I have like a motion light circuit connected to a buzzer.. but I also have a circuit board with an IR receiver? Would just installing the IR receiver be basically an “IR detector”? Well if there’s just a “detection” method such as an LED or a buzzer.. I also wanted to get some guesses on what the components are that you can see on the box (besides the compass and switch). I have contacted the “creator” and even he won’t take credit for it (should be a sign eh?), so I can’t get any information on this thing. Thanks though, I appreciate your help with a non-sense project. To me it looks like a half-ass prop, old school Gauss Meter.. the black probe sticking out of the front leads me to believe that is the antenna for the emf detector..


7 weeks ago

Thanks yall, yeah most Paranormal Devices are kind of a gimmick. I get that. And Jack i did notice that infrared was spelled incorrectly, haha, go figure. I'm just going to build a simple emf detector and add a motion circuit i already have built if thats essentially the same thing.. although i do have the components to use a real IR receiver. To sort of answer your final question Jack, I'm ordained in the church to Deliverance cases and also do Paranormal Consulting. Officially I'm a Demonologist and work closely with priests that do actual exorcisms (Deliverance is a lesser form of Exorcism). I go to peoples homes and more or less help them find some faith in expelling negativity out of their lives. I found that it is getting more difficult as most people watch paranormal shows on television and find comfort/"fact" when they hear a matrixed voice on a DR. It's become more than house blessings and deliverance. Ppl expect to see equipment and it seems to add a noticeable comfort when these devices "validate" what they have experienced. Although I don't fully believe that most of these gadgets measure any real spectral energy, i do believe in spectral energy and demonic (depending on your religious/crypto views) as I grew up in a pretty interesting house.
Besides the new filming I also use these devices in a 'class' i created. I have been teaching future investigators (kids between like 10-16) about this topic, devices and much more. These kids can't go many places in my city by themselves to explore their interest. Maybe building something simple like this would be a good introduction into engineering their own gadgets, whether they work WORK is irrelevant, as long as they're having fun and learning about something they're interested in, I'm always down for teaching kids. I have shown some of the older students this website already. As i'm not a great engineer, I'm interested to see what they come up with. Not sure if this answers your question but thanks again for the input. I'm still looking for answers though. I get a lot of flack for asking questions about this stuff but anyone who can connect an Audrino board is a genius. So i guess if anybody can offer any other advice, insight, etc.. (well positive advice/insight) pls do. Even if this is considered a "prop", id like to build a working one.
Ps. a compass will show disturbances in electromagnetic forces, ive had compasses spin in certain areas or even point to stronger EM areas. This is the point of this "prop". I didn't know everything on here had to have important applications in our lives.. which 95% of these creations don't. It's for the purpose of fun, not trying to win any awards for changing the face of technology.

Jack A Lopez

8 weeks ago

I think your best bet is to find the inventor of this device, and then ask him or her about the details of its construction.

I mean, one of the goals of science is, reproducible results. So there is probably a white paper, or journal article, out there somewhere.

Or the device you describe might just be a prop for a TV show. The only other place I have found mention of this, "Extra Investigator, aka 'The Ed Box,'" is this URL:


Did you notice they misspelled, "infrared," in the caption for this picture?

By the way, magnetic fields and infrared light are physical things. Just because something is invisible, or sensible only via instruments, does not mean it is not physical.

Although, language is funny. For some people, "physical," means contact forces.


For other people, "physical," means bodily exercise, like that old song by Olivia Newton-John.


By the way, why are you so interested in veracity, if you also are interested in making a prop for a television show?

I am not sure you can do both at once; i.e. produce content both intellectually honest, and content intended to entertain.