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How to Build a coffee table terrarium? Answered

I am looking to build a terrarium, from scratch, and want ideas on adding live plants and lizards.


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First Familiarize your self with gardening
Two get potting soil, a light source, a plant, some fertilizer/plant food.
then plant the plant allow it to grow for a bit then seal the unit up this will make the plant completely self sufficient. this is so no water can escape due to transpiration. As long as it is doing photosynthesis and cellular respiration you should be fine just check on it every once and a while.
if done right you can keep a plant like that for years. My bio. teacher made on 3 years ago still alive and growing today.


11 years ago

I would follow after this instructable
Its for an Aquarium, but If you skip the part with the water, it should be fine