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How to Calculate Viewership Answered

As the statistics page on Instructables has never been particularly reliable, I have used an alternate method to check my viewership for some time. As other people have expressed interest in statistics, I've decided to share how I do it.

Overall viewership between two points in time
  1. To use this method, you will need to have taken a snapshot of your member page and have logged it into the Internet Archive or recorded the number of views you have attained at a previous date.
  2. Compare the number of views between the two dates to figure out the number of views that have occurred during the period between the two recordings.
To find average daily views
  1. Using the date from the Internet Archive snapshot or your own records, use this to calculate the number of days that have elapsed since the previous entry to find the number of days that have transpired.
  2. Divide the difference in viewership between the two dates by the number of days that have gone by to find your average overall daily viewership.
To find the average daily views of your instructables
  1. Perform the above steps and divide the number of daily views by the number of instructables you have posted.
  • As with most statistics, the figures you will see from these calculations can be skewed. However, they are still good for getting a good general handle on what the situation is for you as far as viewership goes.
  • If you have not used Internet Archive beforehand, it is a harmless way to log this information as well as take a screenshot of something that you and others can look back on at a later date. Statistical use is only one of many this sort of thing can be used for.



3 years ago

I've made an instructable about how to generate a statistics trend automatically using thingspeak to display graphs: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Chart-Your-Instructable-Statistics/