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How to Construct a GUY Daft Punk Helmet? Answered

Hey guys, I was wondering how you would build a GUY Daft Punk helmet out of a motorcycle helmet. I have purchased a really nice motorcycle helmet for $30 and I started last night to make an outline of the golden frame that surrounds the helmet. I was planning on making this out of cardboard, and then after measuring it to make sure it fits the helmet precisely, covering it with Bondo. Once that was done, I was going to construct the plastic visor, which is where the trouble comes in. Does anyone have any suggestions on how that visor can be made? I have no idea how to do vacuum form, which is unfortunate. Any answers would be appreciated. Thank you.



8 years ago

i would try to dremel it into shape and then add details with pices of plastic and a heat gun then vacumform the lens if you do it right it should look somewhat eight


Answer 10 years ago

I would download the pepakura files for the helmet, and use similar bondo-ing techniques to make it.