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How to Create a Charger and Over Discharge Circuit for 3 NiMH Batteries in Series? Answered

I am wondering how I can create a charger for 3 NiMH batteries connected in series for a portable Raspberry Pi build I am creating. I would also need help creating an over discharge circuit for them so I don't damage them too much. I will be powering a Raspberry Pi and Car backup screen with this. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.



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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

Best Answer 3 years ago

This page,


has some advice on how to charge NiMH cells. Also the parent of that page,


is kind of like the table-of-contents of a small book, on the subject of almost every kind of battery.

By the way, the only experience I have with NiMH cells, specifically AA sized cells, is just using them in battery holders (to discharge them), and then taking them out of the battery holder, one by one, for to recharge them with a professionally made charger.

A few words about the charger: Depending on which one you have, it has a plurality (usually 2 or 4) of little 1 cell holders, and it charges each cell independently. Also there is a indicator of some kind to tell you when the cell in any particular holder has finished charging.

The Lost Puppy
The Lost Puppy

Answer 3 years ago

Thanks for the reply. The links you have posted are informative, and I think that I will just decide to use a battery charger that charges them like you described.