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How to Design Flash Games? Answered

Hey Everyone,

I have recently been made redundant from my job and have decided to work on my IT Skills.   I have a huge interest in website development and have joined the freelance.com and peopleperhour.com websites which are for people who want to post projects and look for work.  To enable myself to get any clients I will need to build up a portfolio - I am fairly new to web design and have been using the Serif applications as well as general html coding in notepad and a have some experience in MS FrontPage and Dreamweaver. 

I am working on a website for myself which will be used as a sample site for my portfolio - It is for an animal welfare charity and will include competitions, product info, events etc.  I want to aim the website at children and young people, it will be an organisation that can help children develop their key skills such as communication, team leading, motivational and discipline. 

Sorry for the long introduction - Anyways I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to give me some guidance on how to create multimedia games - simple flash games that can get children to interact and learn

Thank you

Kind Regards

Michelle Edwards



7 years ago

Might want to rethink programming flash games, and move on to HTML5. Since Adobe abandoned development of Flash for portable devices, its days are numbered.


7 years ago

Designing and making are very different things. You ask for design in the title but to create in the body.

Game design is a vast subject on which many websites and books have been written. The only tips I can give for when you design for kids (assuming you mean pre-teen kids) is to keep the graphics, controls and plot simple, colourful and fun. Look to existing educational games for inspiration.

As for creating flash games, there are plenty of tutorials online. Have youtried google? (those are the first 4 hits I got). Keep in mind however that making a game does not limit itself to coding. You will need art, sound, and of course a design.

You can also browse the articles on gamasutra for some game making/designing info and tips. I would also hit sites like kongregate and play some of the games there for inspiration