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How to FIx bad CRT Monitor flyback? Answered

My old CRT monitor worked fine last night but suddenly it's turned off slowly .i mean like when light dim. After that happened power button is on but nothing shows on screen and i heard really clicking sound. while VGA cable is unplugged power button led is blinking and no signal dialog box not showing..

i think this happened when bad flyback is there any way to fix this flyback.
i have a doubt with monitor power supply.

Don't tell me buy a new one :-)
And i know high voltages inside it..

Plz tell me good answer. thanks..


Josehf Murchison

Best Answer 5 years ago

Clean the dust and dirt off the flyback debris will cause an ark sometimes.

Most CTR flybacks are not rebuildable.

Double check the brightness controls sometimes the pot goes bad and the CTR will do the same thing.


ishan udyogaJosehf Murchison

Answer 5 years ago

how do i change brightness.i can't use monitor option menu.plz help me with this..

Josehf Murchisonishan udyoga

Answer 5 years ago

Some CTRs have a knob connected to a pot in the front under a trap door.

On some the knob is on the side edge, bottom, or top at the front of the CTR.

On some it is a pot shaft on the back of the CTR.

And last on some it is pot on the main circuit board or the circuit board on the back of the CTR tube inside the unit.

The pot can be marked B, VB, Bright, or Brightness, however it is marked it will have a B in the marking.

Pots go bad with time and use that is why almost every thing made new uses digital pots today.

Turn the pot if the screen comes back but too bright the pot needs to be replaced.

It may be marked 10K or larger and it can be marked 103.

1 is the first digit in the resistance.

0 is the second digit.

3 is the multiplier.

That is about the best I can do without the CTR in front of me.