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How to Format a hard drive for DOS or why wont min work like this? Answered

Hi.  I've been trying to install the xbox 360s hard drive files onto another hard drive using code I downloaded and an installer, (Or at least I think that's how It works O_O)
The program, however, Runs in DOS and needs the Hard drive to be formatted in FAT to work.
I can't seem to get my hard drive to format into FAT for some reason.
SO can anyone tell me how to, or if mine is incapable of doing so, The article I read about doing this said some hard drives were not compatible, Why.


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6 years ago

FAT does have a size limit. It is one of the reasons it needed to be improved on when hard drives started getting bigger. I am not sure but I think I remember it being something like 2.3 gig. That however will not prevent a drive from being formatted in FAT. I will just use the amount that it can and the rest will stay unallocated.

There is a utility on Win 95 and 98 disks called FDISK. You can boot from those disks, cancel the install and run fdisk from the prompt. It formats available hard drives. However-- the program may not be able to find the hard drive if it is a SATA drive. The Win disks were designed for IDE drives and the boot up has those drivers built in. To get it to run from a SATA drive you might have to have a floppy or USB with the SATA drivers on it so the program can find the HD. Things used to be pretty difficult back in the old days. Another way around the drive size limit was to use a drive overlay program.

There is some software you can buy that could probably do everything you want. Its called Acronis Disk Director. There are other free programs around also. Any of the disk utilities might be capable of formatting the way you want.