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How to Full a Sweater into Felt Answered

Scope this post at CRAFT to learn how to upcycle your old wool sweaters into felt!  Brookelyn compares and contrasts the techniques and benefits of hand-fulling vs. machine-fulling, and shows us samples of the results.  Fulling is the process of turning knitted or crocheted wool into felt.
So check it out, and start upcycling those old wool sweaters into new Instructables!



7 years ago

I can't seem to get my 100% wool to felt very well. I've noticed that the "hot" cycle on my washing machine really only runs luke warm (who was Luke anyway? lol) Do you think I might be able to boil it in a large cooking pot?


9 years ago

Thats a clever way to spruce up an old jersey.  If anything, it'll make an interesting talking point.  A feltsey!


9 years ago

My uncle is a golfer, and used to wear pure wool sweater on the course (he lives in Spain now, so he wears t-shirts).

My aunt, not a practical woman, regularly washed his poor wool sweaters on a hot cycle.

When I was small, I had a drawer full of colourful felt sweaters.