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How to I heat fabric whilst on the wearer without cooking the Model? Answered

Basically I've had this idea for a catwalk project where whatever garment I make will heat up on request and therefore trigger color changes in thermochromic ink which I will use to dye the fabric.

Like the Rorschach mask project, but perhaps using a lilipad arduino to control the heat.

Thing is I don't want to cook or electrocute my model! 

My questions are:

1) What fabric would best conduct heat/not fry the lovely lady?

2) What components could I hook up to an arduino to create heat?

3) If the model sweats (the stage lighting will cause her to perspire) will it damage the circuit and therefore shock her?

Help! D:


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Best Answer 8 years ago

Thermochromics are so sensitive, if you get the right ones, you won't NEED to cook anyone. There should be no shock hazard if the wires are properly insulated.

A layer of metallised fabric, metal away from the models skin would help spread the heat out.

Do some experiments on YOU before you deploy it for real.



Answer 8 years ago

The stage lighting is pretty hot too, perhaps this will be enough. Would a weave of conductive thread help spread the heat?

And thank God! I'm pretty sure I'd be liable if I set her on fire from faulty wiring! :/


8 years ago

With the stage light, maybe you'll need some sort of cooling system instead. I'd definitely do a test with a small patch to make sure you don't max out the heat range.

If you do cooling, a circulating pump with ice tank would be my first guess.