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How to I repack a bottom bracket on the cheap? Answered

I tried to repack my bearings with some thick automotive grease, and now it is all sticky, and not right. What am I supposed to use, and how much does it cost. I never have money, so it has to be on the cheap.



10 years ago

When you say "its not right" what do you mean? does it grate? or is it just a bit tight? Automotive grease should be OK since it is intended for bearings but I suppose high-temperature grease might be a bit 'thick' for a bottom bracket as it is designed to protect when hot.


Answer 10 years ago

a bottom bracket should move smoothly, but when i turn the bike upside down, and spin the cranks, it does this weird, start stop, start stop, sticky thing. it feels ok when I'm riding, but it doesn't seem fine that it does that.