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How to I wire and circut board 10 leds to a car to flash in two separate groups sort of cop lights but just one color? Answered

Im working on a circuit to work off of a car batt, and well to be honest I dont know where to go. Would you be willing to give me some help maybe if you have it some where a diagram?
I have 10 LED's and I want 2 sets of five to flash more like strobe to be honest.
This is the info on the LED's
Luminous Intensity: 27000mcd typ. @ 20mA Max
Forward Current: 30mA
Pulse Current: 100mA for <= 10ms, duty <= 1/10
Forward Voltage: 3.2V typ. 3.5V max @ 20mA
Max Reverse Voltage: 5V
Power Dissipation: 105mW
Operating Temp: -30 to +85 C
Soldering Temp: 265 C for 10 secs
Max Reverse Current: 50uA @ 5V

I would like it to flash very quickly 3 times then switch to the other side.
Is there a way to control the speed and number of flashes?
And how does it work being only 12v in but the lights are going to drain 32v?

And a second question I would like a megaphone was well.
Something that has like a siren, some other sounds, that old chitty chitty bang bang car horn would fricken awesome, and a microphone input would be cool. But this is secondary to the flashing lights.

Is any of the possible? Thank you!



9 years ago

I'd help, but it just sounds like another annoying light/sound polluter. If it were up to me, there'd be a law that allowed citizens to smash crap like this when they see it.