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How to Make Fibre Reinforced Plastic Box Answered


I am working on a project in Togo, West Africa whereby we make information commercials in the local language. Africa has roughly 3000 languages, and this device called "Mama Says," attracts the locals with films, then educates with announcements every 5 minutes in the local language. Most aid organizations do not seem to understand the locals do not speak the lingua franca language.

I need a box made out of Fiber Reinforced Plastic, or something light, I need suggestions on how to find companies to do this?

I need a step by step explanation on how to make a prototype, and estimations of cost?

This is also for brainstorming, I am looking for ideas.

Thank you,
Andy Lee Graham of Hobo Traveler Com.



3 years ago

Depending on how strudy and secure you need it I think using standard cooler boxes would be a good starting point.
Inside and out they are made from unbreakable plastic, between is expanded foam for insulation.
Of course with that comes a little bit of weight but they are water and dust proof and strong enough so several people can stand on them without doing any damage at all.
Another alternative would be to get into contact with companies making these fibre re-enforced junction boxed for underground use - like you often see around traffic lights in the ground.
AFAIK they are produced in a simple molding process like other extruded plastics, so the main factor would be the tool costs but that also depends on the numbers you need.
Last but not least you have these "explorer boxes" now that you can get for your quadcopter, tools and so on.
Same principle of extra sturdy plastic but as a box with lid on hinges.
Inside is usually devided with hard foam like polysterene or for sensitive things with soft foam.
If you could use one of the many standard sizes for your project it would be the most cost efficient way for a smaller scale.


3 years ago

What is the function of the box?

What are the desired dimensions?

What conditions must it survive?

Do you want it manufactured and then sent out there, or manufactured more locally?


Reply 3 years ago

It is to hold a 17 inch computer screen, android chip, and 1-2 solar panels. The function is to play videos, with educational videos for the 1.5 billion people who live without electricity. Messages like, Mama Says to store water in bottles in sun for 24 hours and the ultraviolet rays will purify.

Tropical weather, and carried onto plane, not checked.

I want it manufactured in China, and assembled in USA, or if we Americans can do it cheap enough to start, then in the USA.

If you search for "Mama Says HoboTraveler Youtube" there is a video of proof of concept done by me in Kpalime, Togo, West Africa. Thanks, Andy Lee Graham


Reply 3 years ago

Cool - it's information like that that will make it easier for people to make useful suggestions.