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How to Obtain Automatic Paypal Donation script for your WoW Private Server (Trinity/Mangos) Answered

As you all know getting such scripts is hard and mostly you want to obtain everything very easy. Well nowdays it aint so easy, but reading this will help you decide if you like staying home and serving donation each day by hand, or just let the people get the rewards automatic, and send themselfs the rewards in game.

WoW Private server Automatic Paypal Donation Script (trinity/mangos)

This script is Trinity based, with donation page made.

It is secured and if anyone attempts fraud rewards aren't given.

It has custom db fields for adding the items for people to make donations; this one is made for players to receive credits instead items wich comes very handy for you.

It has it's own custom login section for players to log in to your wow website and spend the credits.

The Paypal Automatic Donation script works for Trinity/Mangos based emulators.

Of course it is not free. Small ammount of money is required. You can contact on xmanworld2012@live.com (add or e-mail).

I also have all the packages you need to open your wow private server wotlk 3.3.5a very stable and high development.


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