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How to Play music directly from USB flash to speakers? Answered

The title is pretty self-explanatory. I want to be able to plug a flash drive directly into the speakers that I am making. Thanks!

P.S. I have limited resources (whenever my mom is so annoyed that she gives me the money), so a cheap option would be preferred.

P.S.S I would like to thank the community for answering all of the questions I have posted lately. You guys have helped me out so much!


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

12 months ago

There exist very cheap mp3 players, with a headphone jack (that is analog, stereo, line level output: right, left, ground), a USB port, and powered by a single alkaline cell (e.g. AA or AAA) to power it.

And when you connect one of these gizmos to a computer, via the USB port, it uses that USB storage class; i.e. it looks like a flash drive, to whatever you plug it into.

The only drawback to these cheap mp3 players, is the interface on the device is minimal, like one button and a LED, at worst.

Maybe some of them will have a tiny OLED screen, to tell you which song is playing, but even for those, navigating through a large list of songs would be troublesome, like using one or two buttons to, bump-bump-bump, move through a list, forwards or backwards.

I guess my point is: cheap is out there. Like, the kind of cheap where paying more than 5 or 10 USD is paying too much. However the way that cheapness manifests, is in these no-frills user interfaces, that can be hard to use, aside from just listening to all the songs on the memory space, in alphanumeric order by filename, or whatever logic the player uses to decide which song to play next.