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How to Put a dead GPU laptop to use ? Answered

I bought an HP laptop (hp pavilion dv2000)from a friend who sold it to me as it never showed up the display .I though i might replace the Graphic adapter but later discovered that the NVdia trouble chip is integrated on the motherboard.The GPU heats up .I repaired it twice in a repair shop ..all they did was the heat-gun treatment on the chip and applying thermal paste . the treatment worked for two days and the display is gone again .I did the repair twice .I know it boots but does not displays anything .I don't mind opening the laptop apart , but i cant let it eat dust at one corner...what can i do with this laptop ..I have my mac as my main machine ..any ideas !!?


Joe Martin

8 years ago

Even a professional reflow probably wouldn't fix this now. Each time you reflow a GPU the flux dries up that bit more, where a heat gun is used the temperature is not controlled which is needed to ensure a successful reflow of the solder joints.

Eventually because of the luck of flux the solder will all flow together and the board to completely useless. Your best bet would be a new motherboard, in future your better off paying more to get it properly repaired and paying a bit more rather than completely ruining the board.


8 years ago

You could take it to a real professional that has professional reflow station to get it fixed. You could also sell it on ebay because people buy broken stuff. You could use the components form this one to upgrade another laptop.


Answer 8 years ago

You might also want to check what HP would charge to fix it -- or to swap it for a refurbished unit. Probably more than you want to pay, but it doesn't hurt to ask.