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How to Repair Air Purifier Damaged by Power Surge? Answered

Does anyone know how to repair an air purifier that has been damaged by a power surge?  I have several Cleanaire D2000 units - which are absolutely outstanding, BUT which have a weakness of being particularly susceptible to power surges.  Since they cost $400 apiece, it makes for a pretty costly power surge.  Are these kind of things repairable, and if so, where would I (or my technically-gifted friend) start?  

I'd like to see if it's possible to repair one of these before going out and buying a replacement.  (Then the next step is to buy a good surge protector!)




5 years ago

Open it up and see if there is a fuse somewhere. If not than you probably won't be able to repair it. Save yourself all the tourble and invest in a good surge protector.