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How to Reset and Refill Cat Genie Smart Cartridge? Answered

How to Reset and Refill Cat Genie Smart Cartridge?


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

Wow! This is actually kind of a deep topic.

The first thing to realize, is there is a kind of figurative,"arms race" going on here, between the company that makes this self-cleaning cat litter box, and the community of hackers who make the tools to defeat this company's DRM (digital rights management), i.e. to fool this box into accepting non-proprietary (including reset, refilled) cartridges.

What I mean by that, is that if you find a published hack for this thing, that hack is usually specific to a particular hardware version.

So the first thing to do, is try to discover which hardware version you have, and check to see if that is one of the ones for which working hacks have been published.

If you bought your CatGenie, new, recently, then that is probably BAD news, with respect to hackability.

I noticed this blurb, on the home page of company called, "CartridgeGenius", who makes a particular cartridge reset tool.
(from http://cartridgegenius.com/ )

Important news

The latest CatGenie revision has built-in
counter-measures, preventing its use with CartridgeGenius. If you have
ordered your CatGenie in 2018 or later, you must check if you are the
unlucky owner of one of these new incompatible CatGenies before ordering
your CartridgeGenius.

and on that page, under the heading, "Important news", you will also find some pictures of circuit boards, showing what the new (incompatible) boards look like, compared to the old (compatible) boards.

By the way, I am not CatGenie expert myself. The only things I know about this topic is what I have learned just now, today, from brief searching and reading.

Some of the links I have used:

DDG search for "catgenie i2c reset"

Hackaday articles with tag, "catgenie"

ScottSEA's 'ibles, almost all of which are about CatGenie hacks, but published like 10 years ago


1 year ago

I don't know as my cat uses the toilet, but she always forgets to flush....
But there is someone who claims to know: Google, or to be precise, several Youtube videos showing the procedure.
And all I did to get there was to enter the last four words of your question into the search bar.... ;)