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How to Use Blur/Sharpen to Sharpen image in Gimp 2? Answered

I'm trying to use the Blur/Sharpen tool on Gimp 2 to sharpen an image. The trouble is, all the tutorials online are from some older version of Gimp where clicking on the Blur/Sharpen button gives you a menu where you can select either Blur or Sharpen. Gimp 2 doesn't have that, and pressing Blur/Sharpen automatically gives you Blur. Right-clicking gets the same result as left-clicking it. The Gimp manual says to press down on CTRL to switch between Blur and Sharpen, but it doesn't really work whether or not I press down on it while trying to sharpen or just strike it. It seems like a simple problem, so if anyone has the solution, I'd be happy to hear it. Thanks!


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