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How to Use Diodes to Harness Mulitple Flows of 4 5 Volts Earth Battery Telluric Current Electricity Generated Answered


We can generate 4.5 currents using an earth battery in Kpalime, Togo, West Africa.

I want to combine 5-10 of these together, and stop the electricity from going both directions using a diode.

Do I need a special diodes? How to couple many earth batteries of 4.5 volts together to create higher volts?.

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2 years ago

This is what I vision, with each row creating 4.5 volts. Thanks Andy


2 years ago

You are dealing with very low voltages to begin with but IMHO there is no need for diodes.
As with any battery you can connect the negative pole the positive pole of the next battery to get twice the voltage.
Only if the moisture levels of the soil would be very different to the point of one or more cells being dry you have a problem but you still don't need a diode, just water for the dry cell.
So just go ahead and connect your single cells in series like you can see on this website.
Keep in mind that you will get higher currents with bigger electrodes and this also helps if the moisture levels are getting a bit low.
Depending on how much in terms of ampere you can draw there is also the option to use a step up or step down converter to have an output of a fixed voltage - quite nice for charging battery operated devices.