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How to Use a Single Half-Bridge Micro Load Cell for Weighing Answered

Hello,Could anybody please tell me how to use a Single Half-Bridge Micro Load Cell along with an Hx711 module, Arduino Nano to make a weighing scale?

I've attached the kind of load cell I'm using in the attachments.

Thank you.



7 weeks ago

The load cell forma one resistor in a wein bridge

You can measure the current aross the bridge a small change in resistance makes a BIG change in current flow.
A search for load cell circuit diagram will show you many choices.

Jack A Lopez

7 weeks ago

If that is a "half bridge", those words kind of imply two of them would make a "full bridge".

Maybe you could make the other "half bridge" out of discrete resistors?

That would certainly be something to try.

Although there might be some subtle reason why most of the designs out there use actual strain gauges, strain variable resistances, for all the resistances in the bridge. Usually 2 or 4 of those, "half bridge micro load cell," things like the one in picture you attached.

This 'ible seems to use 4 of them,


As I was saying, there might be some subtle reason for this. It might be temperature dependence of the resistors, or it might be something, or it might be nothing.

Anyway, that is my best guess: Just build the other half of the bridge out of discrete resistors and see how that works.

A data sheet for the HX711, might have some also have some clues,


regarding how the designers of the HX711 IC intended it to work, if you have not looked at that before.


7 weeks ago

Are you asking for anything specific or just for someone to design it for you and write the code?