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How to Wire 12v LED strips to a 12v supply Answered

Can i wire two 12v led strips to a single 12v power supply?
I"m attaching a image, since i'm not very good at explaining my self.
Thank you



9 years ago

what kind chip of your strip? 5050 or 3528. how many leds one meter. and how long of your each strip? give me the detail information. i could help you figure out the best way. my factory specilizing in producing LED power supply , LED module and LED strip. major market in USA and Canada. anyone intersted in it or need my help. just contact me: Email: ericxu@fhneon.com.cn/ ericxuyetao@gmail.com MSN: xuyetao@hotmail.com Skype:eric201095


9 years ago

Yes, but check your supply against the strips.
Both should quote am Amp value, if 2x the A value of a strip is greater than A for the supply - get another supply.



Answer 7 years ago

I have a similar question, I want to run LONG lengths of 5050 LED strip.

Ideally 65 feet of LEDs.

Is there any issue with simply joining the strips together as long as my PSU can provide enough current?

I'm thinking of 4 x 5 meter spools.



Answer 7 years ago

You'll get power-loss over distance, I can't see this working at 65 feet.



7 years ago

First of all, you need to figure out your led strip type and the quantity of LEDs. The common led strips we can find in the market have two types, SMD 3528 and SMD 5050. SMD3528 inside package one light-emitting chip, while the SMD5050 inside package three light-emitting chip package. and it will consume 0.08W per light-emitting chip. In theory, one smd 3528 LED will comsume 0.08watt while one smd 5050 LED is of 0.24watt. To calculate the total power consumption of your led strips, just multiply the quantity of LEDs by the wattage of specific type of LED. For instance, one reel (16.4ft) of SMD 5050 LED Strips 300 LEDs will consume 300X0.24=72 Watt, in this case, you need a more powerful transformer than 72 watt, such as 90 watt transformer. By analogy, you can figure out how many wattages your LED transformer need to be.


8 years ago

your typical 12v LED strip will draw about 2 watts per foot so you will want to choose a power supply larger then the total wattage of all the strips you want to connect.
so if you have a 2x 4' strips connected together (total of 8 feet) you would want to use at least a 16 watt power supply and it is always better to choose a larger power supply so i would use a 12v 24 watt power supply
4' = 8 watt power supply i would use a 12 watt
10' = 20 watt power supply i would use a 24 watt
16' = 32 watt power supply i would use a 48 watt
40' = 80 watt power supply i would use a 96 watt


9 years ago

Yes, just wire them in parallel.


9 years ago

Yes, but it depends on the current draw of the LED Strips and what the 12v supply will support. Do you know the current draw of the LED Strips? And what is the 12v supply current output?


Answer 9 years ago

the draw on the strips is .21Amps @ 12v
I have a 1500mA power adapter and a few lower amperage ones at 12v.
i'm not sure which one will work.
Thank you for your responses.