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...How to add a better cooling system to the HP tx2500z tablet PC? Answered

The HP tx2500z tablet is known for its high heat/loud fan. Most of the heat comes from the CPU, and some from HD, but the CPU is mainly the problem. My model is specifically the tx2510us that comes with the AMD Turion X2 64 Ultra 2.1 GHz ZM-80 Processor. I'm looking for a hardware method to fix the heat problem/loud fan problem. Lowering the processor power state can only be useful if I'm doing VERY light processor work. The processor gets too hot and the fan too loud. Many people face this problem, and I have crawled the web looking for a tutorial or a mention of something like this, and I failed to find anything. If you know of a special cooling technology and/or a quieter fan, please let me know. I bet you a lot of people will find the answer to my question useful. Thank You.


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11 years ago

I hope it works on a tablet...