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How to add photos to instructable Answered

How to embed photos to instructable?


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

2 years ago

Um... there is probably an official answer to this question, and I am guessing it is here, in Step 3, of this 'ible titled, "How to Use the Instructables Editor",


I found this one, by clicking on a link titled, "Help", under, "Resources", at the bottom of every page here. Actually that link leads to a Group of 'ibles, titled, "How to Write a Great Instructable", here:


Normally, I would not capitalize the word Group, as a proper noun, but I think "Groups" of instructables, is like a Thing, here. It is, like, a way to organize the site. Often following a link here at Instructables, leads to one of these Groups, i.e. just a page with a bunch of links to related instructables, all grouped together.

Also, while on the topic of caps, I use "Instructables", with a capital I, to refer to the web site as a whole, and "instructables", with a lowercase i, or the abbreviation, "'ibles", "to refer to the tutorials themselves.

Although, not everyone here on Instructables, or on the Internet in general, cares about punctuation, or spelling, or grammar. Ha!