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How to add stiches to the outside edges of an Amaerican Flag so it will last longer at high speeds? Answered

I need to be able to drive while fling the American Flag and the flag of the Branch of service of the Veteran we are escorting. The Flags don't last very long as the wind wipps them and causes them to fry along the edges. What type of stitch or other idea could I use to prevent the material from starting to fry. Once I have enough stitches in the edges I have been told that using "super Glue" along the stitches helps prevent the material from starting. Any Ideas would be appreciated.


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11 years ago

Try blanket stitching the edges of the blanket.

Or, possibly, soaking the outer inch or two of the flag in a clear glue, such as PVA (you'd have to test that on an old flag, as it may adversely affect the "drape" of your flag).

As you say, it is the whiplash effect that frays the flag, rather than the actual wind. Anything that changes the weight or stiffness of the edge of the flag will change the speed of the ripples through the fabric and prevent the whiplash.