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How to age Paper Answered

I have added the first instructable for aging paper, I would think that this project would be more popular on the site. Heres the link: https://www.instructables.com/id/How_to_age_Paper/


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12 years ago

Well, i did see your instructable first time round. But, if your looking for 'popular' i suggest the following.

  • A full instructable with an accompanying video tends to do better than a video alone.
  • Normally, if you get comments on an instructable, it helps to take the time to reply to them
  • Also, the subject matter plays a big part, e.g. most people probably guessed that you would use tea, or already have a good idea how they would go about it.

The video is good, but, the idea of this site is to make it so that there are as many different instructables, the fact that you didn't get alot of views, doesn't mean that your instructable hasn't helped, or is not going to help any one.

Every contribution matters, not matter how big or small.