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How to assemble the el wire Answered

EL wire Assembling Instructions
1 Recommended Tools for Live Wire Assembling
1. Wire-Stripper.
2. Scissors.
3. shrinkable tube
4. Hot heat gun.
5. Glue gun

1.EL wire And Power supply wire

2.EL wire And EL wire

3.EL wire Self-contained

1. forbid to connect power supplier without its driver
2. the flash function control by driver.
3. forbid to cut when connecting power. The electrode forbid to connect together, and should prevent it from water.
4. When making shape or connecting, do not to drag and bend emphatically.
5. the wire need match the suitable driver to work, otherwise may break the wire and driver, even dangerous. The driver should operate in power properly. The driver forbid to work without connecting wire.
6. If the wire or driver is very hot, cut off power immediately, call the distributor.
7. keep far from tinder, causticity goods
8. install and connect with professional’s guidance