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How to backlight outdoor metal wall art? Answered

My friend is buying a piece of wall art (around 1.2m x .8m) which is an image of a bird (I have not seen it yet, but lets say it looked like the attached image, it is metal, flat.

It is going to be hung outside and they would like it to be backlit, so it is visible at night.  They were quoted $130 for a perspex sheet with LED lighting, which seems steep to me, there should be a cheaper way to do it DIY.

Any suggestions.



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Best Answer 7 years ago

You can buy strings of weatherproof LED lights for the garden, powered by a solar cell.

Mount the art against a light or pale background, on spacers of about an inch, then coil the LEDs between the art and the wall.


7 years ago

$130 isn't that far off for a good solution. Sure you can do it yourself for less but the people offering the quote are having to tack on a charge for there time.

$30 will get you a good sized sheet of acrylic. You can use some fine grit sand paper to give it a nice smoked look. Then you can either back light the acrylic with the light of your choice or buy a LED light strip and edge light the acrylic.