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How to be able to connect to multiple Bluetooth devices? Answered

I am trying to develop a system to monitor signals sent from a number of Bluetooth devices (maybe up to 100 devices). Each device sends information such as temperature, humidity and moisture. My question is how to be able to receive data from all 100 Bluetooth devices and store the data.



2 days ago

This could be a job for the MQTT protocol, where sensor clients (like ESP-8266) talk to a central hub or server (Raspberry Pi). WiFi on the ESP-8266 may be too power-hungry, but it's a start: you can buy Sonoff modules off-the-shelf with temp and humidity sensors. Bluetooth Low Energy would presumably use much less power, but I know too little about BLE to suggest what to use. Maybe an HM-10 module using the CC2540/CC2541:


6 days ago

I would not go that route.
Instead I would opt for VLP sensors.
Very low power sensors are either available as stand alone devices with transmitter and all or aim to be connected to a low power data hub that transmits the data from all connected sensors (wired connection for the sensor to hub).
With these little gadgets you not only eliminate the complex handling of so many BT devices but get the protocols and error correction problem solved by the hardware already.
All you worry about in the end is how and where you store the incoming data stream(s) coming from the receiver.
And even those come with purpose made software to use these days.
Why re-invent the wheel unless you kow you have the time to build similar at much lower costs....