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How to breed Mini Mealies? Answered

I have been feeding my quails with grubs. I purchased a container of Mini Mealies.  For the amount they were quite expensive.  I want to breed them to save money. I have found out how to breed Super Worms & Meal Worms but can't find information on breeding Mini Mealies.
I would like some help please.


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10 years ago

Hi Perry The Pom... A friend of mine breeds Geckos and would use normal meal worms but would sift them using various grades of mesh... feeding the baby geckos the wee ones... many sites suggest that mini meal worms are pretty much small Tenebrio molitor (meal worms) and the larvae of the other species.  If Mini Mealies are Tenebrio obscurus... then I'm not sure other than making sure that the feed you use should be smaller than the grub (so you can sift them out easily)... This page on mealies is worth a look. All the best...

Perry The pom
Perry The pom

Answer 10 years ago

G'day Uniqueutopia,
Thank you for your reply. I have read the page on Mealies and found it most interesting.
Cheers Perry