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How to build Montessori Pincer & Palmer Grasp Cylinders? Answered

Does anyone have a good idea for how one would build Montessori Pincer & Palmer Grasp Cylinders?

The basic block and cylinder seem pretty straight forward:

  1. Get some large dowel for the cylinders
  2. Get/cut some blocks that are slightly larger than the diameter of the dowel
  3. Drill the holes with a forstner bit

But how about the little knob on the pincer cylinder? I don't have a lathe so couldn't shape a single piece of dowel.

I'm thinking of shaping the top from a bit of dowel by hand with a small hole and then gluing that to another.


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1 year ago

Also any tips on how to drill perpendicular and in the centre of the blocks would also be great. I don't have a drill press although I think I might buy a drill guide.