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How to build a 2D Bioprinter? Answered

I am building the 2D Bioprinter created by Patrik on Instructables, but have run into some difficulty. If anyone has any advice/help at all, it would be greatly appreciated! I'm trying to build this for my Senior Project and cannot figure out the wiring diagram for both stepper motors, or the correct code to actually print with the Arduino and InkShield.

Thank you!


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7 years ago

I suggest you get a "Melzi" board - an Arduino with Polulu drivers on board, and enough spare IO you can mount a display on it too --adapt that to driving your machine - the inkshield should interface to it too.

If this is your senior project, I suggest you post some of your code and explain where you are having difficulties, and we'll be happy to help, but we won't "do" your project for you.

What hardware have you already got ?

What works ?