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How to build a Stub plug? Answered

Hi everyone,
Im just curious if anyone knows or have found how to build/get one of these stub plugs for a Nikon charger.
This is for the US plug but there is non available for EU plug.


Would come pretty handy when travelling to minimizing cables



6 years ago

Is the charger designed to handle the power in Europe otherwise a power adapter would be needed before you plug that directly into the mains. It would be a simple matter to salvage a cord with the compatible plugs, shorten the length and build up with an epoxy putty overmold L-shape casing. But the flaw in the design would be that you are hanging some weight off of the plug that can loosen over time and need to clear out the space on the wall outlet for the device to fit.


Reply 6 years ago

I live in Europe so yes, the charger is for our voltage.
Any idea where to get a shorter cable then as I have not been able to find any short cable.
The same cable can be used for other charges that have the same plug time.
The shortest I have managed to find is around 1 meter.
0.1-0.2 meters would be the most ideal


Reply 6 years ago

You can cut the cable to any length, solder the corresponding wires together and put some heat shrink tubing over the joints which is nicer than just wrapping with electrical tape.