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How to build a car powered by a savonius/wind turbine Answered

Hello! I have seen an interesting experimental car on German TV. It is a small car, in which a wind driven helix directly trasmits the mechanic energy to the wheels. The car moves, even against wind direction. That car was equipped with a tall helix perpendicular to the main axis. I think that a savonius turbine would be more effective because it can exploit winds coming from every direction. Does anybody have any ideas or plans to realize a similar car?


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Reply 8 years ago

The Savonious turbine could be more "effective" in that it works from all directions, but is significantly less efficient than a turbine using traditional airfoil blades. It would be more efficient to allow a traditional wind turbine to pivot and face the wind - transmitting its power through a vertical shaft to the wheels.

Such a design has been used on a boat (more as a novelty) but would not likely be practical on a road-going car.