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How to build a flash arcade game machine by a PC ? Answered

I am planning to build a flash game machine  base on the flash game: gold miner :(check this link    http://www.goldminer1.com/   for the game). as picture1 below.

I would like to build it like a arcade  machine in the store . That means without  mouse and keyboard , only use a key  to control the  character , all of work of mouse should be automatically done by program(all of game selections would be set in advanced by PC mouse controlling program , through it is not optimal choose.) .
the machine  will look like picture 2  in my mind :

I have a PC which could run this flash game . I don't know how to program the mouse control and  how to control the character by a single button which connect to  PC . I think It could be done by arduino, is it right ?

Is here anyone know the similar project to consider or give me any suggestions will be very appreciated !


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6 years ago

Start learning to program an Arduino. An arduino can emulate a mouse or keyboard and makes a great platform to connect arcade buttons and joysticks too and use for input on a PC.