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How to build an automatic hamburger patty press machine? Answered

I came from software engineering background with some knowledge in basic mechanics. I would like to ask how should I start if I want to make an automatic hamburger patty press machine? The input would be ground meat and burger paper, and output would be well-shaped burger with burger paper underneath.

Something along this line: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xlL3jpqH3w

But since I am not expert, so maybe something simpler would be fine.
I would like to hear your suggestions.

Thank you very much.


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6 years ago

If you are looking for a commercial hamburger forming machine then just buy one. Try looking up Liquidation Auctions for something Relatively Cheep. If you can program then I suggest looking for a premade system, and reverse engineer it to do what you need. Why Re-Invent the wheel, when you can copy it?


6 years ago

I come from an automated food production background.

1. Decide how many your going to need to make in an hour.

2. The easiest motion and most compact is a rotary cylinder as in the video.

3. It shouldn't need much control other than speed.

Press down on the hopper to keep the material at a constant floe onto the forming cylinder. use a plastic belt to suck the patty out of the mould at the bottom.

Make the mould with a slight taper towards the top to make extraction easier.

Use the conveyor belt to slide the patty onto the paper. If you want them stacked you need to arrange for the patty paper to drop slightly between delivery.

Your making food so use food safe materials.

Such a machine will be quite costly to make properly - Unless your making lots to sell I would think it is cheaper to pay a youth to make them using a hand mould.


Answer 6 years ago

Something like this.

timing will be important so you need to speed control the rollers and the extractor belt separately.

You have to decide where they go when they are delivered, perhaps more conveyors or people.

Doing this with a burger press as you might at home would be more difficult.

Possibly you could roll the meat into a flat sheet and then cut the burger out with a round cutter. I would expect that meat sticking to the cutter would be an issue unless you used this property to pick up the burger and deliver else where.