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How to build battery pack 9.6v from 18650 batteries? Answered

I would like to create a good battery pack for my dead hilti drill. Originel nc-cd 9.6v battery.
I have some panasonic cgr18650cg batterys here.  But when 3 in series, the voltage is higher. Maybe the drill can work with a higher voltage but I dont know. Will it work, would like to create first a 3S pack and maybe later a 3S2P 
I need a PCB and thinking something like this one : http://www.ebay.nl/itm/12-6V-8A-w-Balance-Li-ion-Lithium-18650-Battery-BMS-PCB-Charger-Protection-Board-/321853922824?hash=item4aeffd1e08

Or this one?


And how to charge a pack, can I use a common 12v laptop adapter or other adapters or specia li-ion charger? I dont think the original ni-cd charger can be used with pcb's above?



3 years ago

I would just get a 9.6V battery pack and charger from the RC shop of my choice....