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How to build beach balloon tires? Answered

What would be the best way to attach ~ detach a set of wheels to a boat ... to move across soft sand ?
 .. weight capacity = 500 lbs
How to build balloon sand tires



7 years ago

Hi Rick, Here's a simple wheel I have used for "beach carts" that's cheap and functional. Get two inner tubes for lawn mower front tires (typically 16X6.50X6), inflate them to "just firm", and measure the diameter across halfway up the tube on one side to halfway up on the other side. This will give you a "rim" that will hold on to the tube, but not rub the ground. Cut four discs from 1/4" plywood that size and sand the edges very smooth. Find the center of the discs and drill a hole large enough for a short section of PVC pipe. Get some styrofoam around 5" thick (I visit the local furniture store...their dumpster is loaded with styrofoam packing. It can be glued up in layers to make the correct thickness.) and cut cylinders a little smaller in diameter than your plywood. Glue this all together...plywood, then styrofoam, then plywood, and glue a short piece of pipe through the holes, letting it protrude 1" on each side. When it is dry, deflate the tube, put it on your "wheel", and re-inflate with enough pressure to hold up your boat....usually 2 pounds. Happy wheeling!


9 years ago

There is nothing wrong with making wheels from Plywood disks. I suggest at least 12 mm plywood depending on the weight of your boat.

HOWEVER tires are another matter - It may well be easier to make wooden tracks.